A.   Nominations for election to office shall come from a Nominations Committee.  The President, with the approval of the Executive Committee, shall appoint the Nominations Committee Chair.  A list of all candidates who are interested and qualified shall be given to the Secretary no later than ten (10) days prior to the Annual General Meeting.


B.   The Secretary will prepare, in coordination with the Treasurer, a list of vote-eligible members no more than 30 days prior to the Annual Membership meeting.  The list will be used to sign in vote-eligible members at the Annual Membership meeting, and provide each vote-eligible member a ballot to cast their votes.  Vote-eligible members who have received a proxy appointment document (See Article VII) will present the appointment document to the Secretary and will be provided a ballot for each proxy appointment document that is validated by the Secretary and Nominations Committee Chair.


C.   Other nominations may be taken from the floor during the elections. 


D.   Election to office shall be by a simple majority vote of the required quorum.  Secret ballots will be used for all contested elections.  A floor vote will be dispensed with if there is only one candidate for an office.


E.   Procedures for Member at Large selection

1.    If the required number of nominees does not receive a simple majority, then another vote shall be immediately conducted and the ballot shall exclude any nominee who received a simple majority.  This process shall be repeated until the required number of Members at Large has been elected.

2.    If on any vote, no nominee receives a simple majority, then the nominee with the fewest number of votes shall be removed from the ballot, and another vote shall be immediately conducted.  This process shall be repeated until a nominee receives a simple majority.  If the required number of Members at Large has not been elected, then the process will continue according to article III.1.E.1.

3.    If at any point in the process, two or more candidates are tied for the last remaining seats, and they have received a simple majority, then the process shall proceed according to article III.1.F.


F.    Tie Breaking Procedures:  In the event of a tie for all offices the following procedures shall apply:

1.    All nominees not tied will be dropped from the ballot, and another vote shall be taken immediately.  This process is continued until a nominee receives a simple majority of the vote, or until all remaining nominees are tied.

2.    If all of the nominees are tied, then each nominee will be given an opportunity to address the membership, and then another vote shall be taken.

3.    If two nominees are still tied then the winner shall be decided by a coin toss.  In the event that more than two nominees are tied, the winner shall be selected by drawing straws.


G.   No less than thirty (30) days prior to the Annual General Meeting all members shall receive written notification of the elections.




Members of those classes eligible to vote may appoint proxies in the event that they will be unable to attend the meeting.  Proxies must be documented as follows:


A. Designate a vote-eligible member as the proxy


B. Designate a vote-eligible member as an alternate proxy if necessary


C. For each ballot issue, direct the proxy to either -

1.    Vote expressly as directed by the member, or

2.    Vote as the proxy deems appropriate.



A.   Proxies shall be submitted electronically to any vote-eligible member prior to the applicable membership meeting.


B.   Vote-eligible members receiving proxies shall deliver the proxies to the Secretary prior to the opening of membership meeting for which the proxy has been appointed.   If proxies are for election of officers the Secretary will provide all proxies to the Nominations Committee Chairman prior to starting the elections.


C.   Number of proxies received will be announced to the membership prior to votes being cast.



A. Proxies will be valid only if the person is unable to attend, is properly made, and will only be valid for one meeting.


B.  Proxy appointment documents will be retained by the Secretary and attached to the minutes of the membership meeting.