PSOA Membership Meeting Minutes—16 June 2016

Meeting called to order at 18:35 at the Yorktown Public Library

1)  Minutes from the May meeting will be posted on the PSOA website

2)   Three new members were introduced this month—Wayne, Alex, and John Kropp

3)  TreasurerÕs report—205 checks for $75,437 were issued to referees this month

4)  Contact Mike Schatzel for PSOA assessments—great way to improve your skills

5)  Assignor information

                  -  All leagues except for the Adult VIP United league have been completed

6)  Two tournaments coming up in August

                  -  Antonio is assigning the Virginia Invitational (13-14 August)

                  -  Cathy is assigning the Tri-Club Bay River Classic Tournament (27-28 August)

Old Business

7)  Pick up PSOA business cards at any meeting if you want them

New Business

8)  The PSOA sponsored academy was a huge success—12 members received invaluable training

                  -  Special thanks to Jeff Lord, Antonio Araiza, and Don Torrenti for their efforts

9)  Annual picnic will be held in August or September—more details to follow

10)  Nick Kubyako will conduct the annual audit on the PSOA

                  -  Request one volunteer to assist in this process

11)  Sean Kent provided a great training session this month on the FIFA changes to the laws of the game

                  -  He led discussion and highlighted changes on the first eight laws

12)  45 members attended this monthÕs meeting (see attached)



13)  Next meeting will be at the annual picnic—date and location will be sent out

Meeting adjourned at 19:42

Minutes recorded by Joe Skaja (Secretary)

Questions to or phone 757-637-7901





















June 2016 PSOA Membership Meeting Attendance Roster

Jeff Abbott                                                                 Zoe Mavromati

Antonio Araiza                                                        Robert Mayfield

Doug Barnard                                                          Daniel Moore

Neil Carrington                                                                         Chris Murray

Gary Cosman                                                           Rick Neff

Mike Dasovich                                                        Kevin Nolan

Cathy Fond                                                                Damon Pope

Steve Garrity                                                            Don Reese

John Griggs Sr                                                          John Roberts

John Gringer                                                             Garrett Robinson

Chuck Gwilt                                                               Don Samuels

Rob Halpin                                                                 Joe Skaja

Bishoy Henin                                                            Ross Small

Sean Kent                                                                   Angela Stumpo

Steve Kinney                                                            Anthony Stumpo

Alex Kropp (new member)                              Fred Tarantelli

John Kropp (new member)                             Stephanie Vermeire

Wayne Kropp (new member)                        Abe Walikainen

Nick Kubyako                                                           Garion Webb

Alec Kurek                                                                  Jack Zamora

Alden Lawrence                                                                       Michael Zipf

Jeff Lord                                                                      

Nick Lord