PSOA Membership Meeting Minutes—21 May 2015

Meeting called to order at 18:35 at the Grafton HS Kiva

1)  Meeting chaired by Mark Rader, due to Ross SmallÕs prior commitment

2)  Belmir Smajic, Avdo Smajic, and Alex McFarland-Lewis were introduced as new members

3)  Minutes from the April meeting are approved as written

4)  Treasurer report--$72,366 was paid out for April matches to 214 members

5)  Matt Franz conducted 5 informal assessments and gave feedback to those assessed

6)  Assignor information

                  - VSLI, TWSL, State Cup and Churchland leagues are in progress

                  - 2 tournaments scheduled over the Memorial Day weekend

                  - York/Poquoson/AYSO/PAA all finishing this month

                  - Newport News Rec finishing in June

                  - High School playoffs have begun

7)  Cathy Fond assigning a tournament on weekend of 29-30 August

8)  PSOA Annual Picnic to be held on 8 August—Antonio is running—more details soon

9)  Sean Kent ran a training session on foul recognition with videos from the FIFA WomenÕs World Cup

10)  42 members attended the meeting this month—see attached for names

11)  Next meeting on 18 June at the Tabb Library @18:30

Meeting adjourned at 19:28

Minutes recorded by Joe Skaja (Secretary)

Questions to or phone 757-637-7901




May 2015 PSOA Membership Meeting Attendance Roster

Antonio Araiza                                                                                            Marshall Plummer

Doug Barnard                                                                                              Mark Rader

Kevin Breen                                                                                                  Don Reese

Lynn Broome                                                                                                Bruce Richey

Neil Carrington                                                                                                             Conner Richey

Frank Coble                                                                                                   Kailey Richey

Chris DeBoer                                                                                                John Roberts

John Gringer                                                                                                 Garrett Robinson

Chuck Gwilt                                                                                                   James Sargent

Zach Hebert                                                                                                  Pete Sargent

Matt Holden                                                                                                 Joe Skaja

Sean Kent                                                                                                       Avdo Smajic (New member)                          

Steve Kinney                                                                                                Belmir Smajic (New member)

Karl Kummer                                                                                                Ross Small

Alden Lawrence                                                                                                           Fred Tarantelli

Zoe Mavromati                                                                                                             Justin Taylor

Dennis McCarthy Sr                                                                                 Vassilis Vassilakopoulos

Alex McFarland-Lewis (New member)                                        Abe Walikainen

Chris Moller                                                                                                  Garion Webb

Neil Morrissette

Kevin Nolan

Duane Paquette

London Plummer