Poquoson Recreation Adult Seven (7)-a-Side Soccer

League Rules and Information

Our goal in running this league is to provide a fun and safe atmosphere for adults to play the game of soccer in an organized and competitive setting.Additionally, participation will promote the spirit of fair play, good sportsmanship, and team work.

This League will use the International Football Association (F.I.F.A.) Laws of the Game and United States Soccer Federation (U.S.S.F.) Rules as modified:


2.       All games will have two (2) twenty-five (25) minute halves with a five (5) minute half time.

3.       There will be no offside.

4.       The field will be one half of the football field, playing sideline to sideline.

5.       Each team is to play seven (7) vs. seven (7); however to prevent forfeits a team may play as low as five (5).The opponent may still play seven (7) players and is not required to drawn down.

No team may start a game with less than five (5) players.If a team has less than five (5) players available to play at game time, the game is a forfeit (no grace period).

No team is allowed to play down, in order to allow for substitutions.I.E. if a team has seven (7) players, it is not allowed to choose to put six (6) on the field in order to have one (1) substitution.Teams must play all players present when they have seven (7) players or less.

6.       Teams may have females on them, but are not required.There is no minimum or maximum if a team is not comprised of all one sex.

7.       All teams are required to provide their own goal keeper shirt for their goal keeper, and it must not match the rest of the team uniforms.

8.       All players are required to play with proper soccer equipment: Shin guards, shirt, shorts, socks and shoes.No shin guards = no play. No jewelry is allowed

9.       Teams must all play in shirts that are of the same color with a number.Players are required to wear the same number from game to game.Teams provide their own shirts.

10.      A line-up must be submitted to the field supervisor complete with names and numbers prior to the start of the game.

11.      All teams are responsible for providing one (1) appropriate game ball at every game, as well as all warm up balls for their respective team.

12.      Rosters are limited to thirteen (13) players.Once rosters are closed after the second week of the season no additions may be made.

13.      In the event of an injury, and there are no remaining subs, a team must play short, if the team cannot field the five (5) minimum players then the game is called.The referees reserve the right to remove a player showing injury and that they feels is too injured to properly protect themselves from further injury.Once the referees remove a player due to injury, the player cannot play for the remainder of that game.

14.      If a team has two (2) regular season forfeits, the team will be ineligible in the tournament.

15.      Any player receiving a red card during the regular season will not be eligible for the tournament.

16.      If any player receives a red card they are suspended for 1 game, and must also pay a fifty dollar ($50.00) fine to Poquoson Parks and Recreation before they are reinstated to play in the following eligible game.The fee must be paid at the Poquoson Parks and Recreation Office during regular business hours.No money will be taken at the field.

17.      If a player receives a red card in the tournament, ejection is final and may not return at any time even if their team proceeds thru the tournament.

18.      For seeding the tournament a point system will be used: three (3) points for a win, one (1) point each for a tie and 0 points for loss.

19.      In tournament there will be no ties, a standard USSF kicks from the mark (reduce to equate for kicks from the mark) will be used to determine which team advances (no overtime).

20.      All teams are reminded that no gum, chewing tobacco, sticky substances, or other food items may be spilled or dropped on to the turf field.

21.      All trash must be cleaned up in your teamís area to the proper trash cans.Teams leaving their team bench not properly cleaned can be removed from the league without reimbursement.

22.      Playing an improperly rostered player will result in the team violating the rule being assessed a forfeit for each game in which that improperly rostered player participated.

23.      Poquoson Parks and Recreation reserves the right to amend the rules at any time in the best interest of the league.

24.      All correspondence related to changes will be made thru Email.Please be sure you have a correct and current email contact for your team.

25.     In the event of cancellation the Poquoson Parks and Recreation Weather hotline will be used at 868-3584.